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About Us


Founded in 2007, Anna Poklewski Academy of Music provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our students. APAM's faculty consists of highly experienced and dedicated teachers trained in instructing piano lessons, violin lessons, voice lessons, etc.,

who are certified by Anna Poklewski to continue her unique philosophy and approach of teaching.


The commitment and creativity of the faculty will ensure that each student is nurtured to achieve the highest potential with uncompromising standards, while building a strong student-teacher bond.

No music education should be completed without public performances. With our in-house recital facilities, APAM is able to provide opportunities for frequent solo and chamber recitals.

Students may also participate in annual recitals, jury auditions and certifications, which are recognized nationally and internationally. Gifted students would be selected and directed into the pre-conservatory program and encouraged to participate in competitions.

APAM is committed to providing every student a rewarding journey of discovering, understanding,

and performing music. Their experience in APAM will be cherished for a lifetime,

creating positive impacts in their lives and communities.

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