Group Classes

NOTE: As of December 2020, group classes are not being held.

However, when it is safe to do so, we will again have in-person classes.

If you are interested in group classes and would like more information, please call or send us an email message.



Group Class for Children is designed to give children as young as four years old an excellent start in their musical life.


APAM’s focus is first to naturally cultivate a love of music in every child and to foster an understanding of music second. Therefore, musical concepts will be introduced in a fun way using the Dalcroze method -- music education through body movement.


Every activity is designed to teach a musical concept through multi-sensory approach: aural (listening and singing), visual (reading, recognizing symbols and notes), and kinestic (movement and games).


These musical concepts will form a lifelong music foundation regardless of the instrument your child chooses to study in the future.


Besides music appreciation, your child will reap the additional benefits of improved coordination, cognitive and listening skills, as well as self-confidence and discipline.



  • Note-reading within one octave


  • Singing/Solfege


  • Ear training


  • Rhythm


  • Body movement


  • Introduction to intervals

Tuition: $384 for 16-week program + material fees


* The end-of-program audition is required to determine whether students can go to Level 3



  • Introduction to rhythm


  • Body movement


  • Ear training


  • Singing/Solfege


  • Getting acquainted with the keyboard

Tuition:  $288 for 12-week program + material and registration fees.


* The end-of-program audition is required to determine whether students can go to Level 2.